Ellen G. White Writings

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Hillcrest School Farm, Page 33

The Hillcrest School

Takoma Park Station, Washington, D. C..

May 17, 1909.

During our visit to Nashville, I visited the Hillcrest School Farm, where Brethren Staines and Bralliar are laboring to establish a training-school for colored workers. This farm of ninety-three acres is about six miles from Nashville. The location is excellent. Here the students can be trained to erect buildings and to cultivate the land as a part of their education. At the same time they can be given instruction in Bible knowledge, and be fitted by general study of wisely selected books to know how to do the work to which they are called.

As I saw the different parts of the farm, my heart was glad. The hill land is suitable for the buildings, for the orchard, and for pasture, and the level land will be highly appreciated when faithfully worked. A beginning has been

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