Ellen G. White Writings

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Loma Linda’s Work, Page 12

who is the source of all wisdom, all grace, defects and ignorance may be overcome.

“Let every medical student aim to reach a high standard. Under the discipline of the Greatest of all teachers, our course must ever tend upward to perfection. All who are connected with the medical missionary work must be learners. Let no one stop to say, ‘I can not do this’. Let him say instead, ‘God requires me to be perfect, he expects me to work away from all commonness and cheapness, and to strive after that which is of the highest order’.

“There is only one power that can make medical students what they ought to be, and keep them steadfast,—the grace of God and the power of the truth exerting a saving influence upon life and character. These students who intend to minister to suffering humanity, will find no graduating place this side of heaven. That knowledge which is termed science should be acquired, while the seeker daily acknowledges that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Everything that will strengthen the mind should be cultivated to the utmost of their power, while at the same time they should seek God for wisdom; for unless they are guided by the wisdom from above, they will become an easy prey to the deceptive power of Satan. They will become large in their own eyes, pompous and self-sufficient.

God-Fearing Physicians Speak Modestly

“God-fearing physicians speak modestly of their work; but novices with limited experience in dealing with the bodies and souls of men will often speak boastingly of their knowledge and attainments. These need better understanding

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