Ellen G. White Writings

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Loma Linda’s Work, Page 8

Attending Worldly Medical Colleges

“Those fitting themselves for medical missionary work should fear to place themselves under the direction of worldly doctors, to imbibe their sentiments and peculiar prejudices, and to learn to express their ideas and views.

“There is danger in their attaching themselves to worldly institutions, and working under the ministrations of worldly physicians. Satan is giving his orders to those whom he has led to depart from the faith. I would now advise that none of our young people attach themselves to worldly medical institutions in the hope of gaining better success, or stronger influence as physicians.

Christian Simplicity in our Education

“The Lord has instructed us that in our institutions of education, we should ever be striving for the perfection of character to be found in the life of Christ, and his instructions to his disciples. Having received our commission from the highest authority, we are to educate, educate, educate in the simplicity of Christ.

“Efforts should be made to secure teachers who will instruct after Christ's manner of teaching, regarding this of more value than any human methods.

“Teachers who are not particular to harmonize with the teachings of Christ, and who follow the customs and practices of worldly physicians, are out of line with the charge that the Saviour has given us.

Danger of Imbibing the Spirit of the World

“Some of our medical missionaries have supposed that a medical training according to the

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