Ellen G. White Writings

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I Will Guide Thee, Page 2

I Will Guide Thee

Table of Contents

“Arise and Build”

The Work in Washington

Nashville, Tenn.,

June 4, 1904.

There were many things to be considered in choosing a location for our Sanitarium in Washington, and for our training school for Christian workers. We knew that everything must be in accordance with the light given; and we praise the Lord for guiding us to Takoma Park.

We fully believe that the Lord has gone before us in the purchase of land, and we shall do all in our power to carry out His will in the establishment of His work in this place. We shall need young people of the very best talent in our work in Washington. We shall need workers who will bring no cloud upon the precious truth we are proclaiming. And we shall need means to erect the buildings that will be necessary for the carrying forward of our work.

We know that we are where the Lord would have us, and we greatly desire that the work shall be established at once, and

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