Ellen G. White Writings

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I Will Guide Thee, Page 4

that the publishing work done in Battle Creek should be transferred to Washington. The directions were so plain that we could see that there must be no delay. And since we have moved forward in obedience to this word, we have had evidence that the Lord has prepared the way at every step for the establishment of important interests at Washington. Thus far He has helped us in a way that leaves no room for any one to doubt or question. PH054 3.4

Let the work in Washington move forward. Let every one act his part in self-denial and self-sacrifice. Our people are not to wait for more appeals, but are to lay right hold of the work, making those things which appear impossibilities, possibilities. Let each one ask himself, Has not the Lord entrusted me with means for the advancement of His cause? Has he not bidden his servants in Washington PH054 4.1

Arise and Build?

Shall I, at this time of great importance, withhold my means, which God asks me to invest in raising up memorials for Him? PH054 4.2

Let us be honest with the Lord. All the blessings that we enjoy come from Him; and if He has entrusted us with the talent of means that we may help to do His work, shall we hold back? Shall we PH054 4.3

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