Ellen G. White Writings

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I Will Guide Thee, Page 6

work will make rapid advancement. Many souls will be won to the truth, and the day of Christ's coming will be hastened.

Strengthen the Hands of the Builders

God will prepare the way before His faithful people, and will greatly bless them. The righteousness of Christ will go before them, and the glory of God will be their reward. There will be joy in the heavenly courts, and joy, pure, holy joy, will fill the hearts of the workers. To save perishing souls, they are willing to spend and be spent. Their hearts are filled with gratitude and thanksgiving. The consciousness of God's love purifies and ennobles their experience, enriching and strengthening them. The grace of heaven is revealed in the conquests achieved in winning souls to Christ.

So God's work in this world is to be carried forward. The church here below is to serve the Lord with self-denial and self-sacrifice, and the most glorious triumphs are to be won.

God's word to His workers in Washington is, “Arise and build;” and His word to His people in all the conferences

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