Ellen G. White Writings

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I Will Guide Thee, Page 7

is, “Strengthen the hands of the builders.” The work in Washington is to advance in straight lines, without delay or hindrance. Let it not be kept back for lack of means. The workers in Washington will advance with steadfast courage just as fast as the Lord's people will furnish them with means. Let every church in every place act its part cheerfully and willingly.

I know that the people of God desire to act their part nobly in advancing His work in the world. God extends His favor to us daily, and we are to regard it as a privilege to show that we are in harmony with the work now being done at the Capital of our Nation. We have no time to lose. The bounty that God daily bestows upon us makes a direct and forcible appeal to us to respond to the goodness and love of God by placing all that we have and are upon the altar of sacrifice. We must be co-laborers with God. He calls upon us to engage in His work, to return to Him a part of that which He has bestowed upon us. He has made us his helping hand. Our self-denying benevolence, our willing offerings, are to give evidence that the truth has been doing its work upon our hearts.

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