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Health, Philanthropic, and Medical Missionary Work, Page 17

Neither physicians nor helpers should attempt to perform their work without taking time to pray.



Guard and guide those weak in the faith, lest they become connected with that class of Christians who consider getting together to have a happy time of amusement, the joy of their life. These parties of pleasure prove in the end a curse. There is work to be done. Meet in select companies to pray. Your own souls need the fortification and strength of prayer, and other souls need it, that they may be kept from yielding to temptations. If your life is fed with the bread and water of life, you will have words to speak to others that will refresh them. God bids us to care for one another, to love one another.


Economy and Strict Honesty

There is a lack of care and economy in every department of this institution. Much is lost that might and should be saved. Many of these losses are caused by a neglect to look after little matters. The workers have thought it their duty to attend to the larger responsibilities, but there are hundreds of leaks daily that are not thought of or cared for; and the loss in a year is by no means small. Here is one of the special defects that exist at the Sanitarium.

The helpers at the Sanitarium should not feel at liberty to appropriate to their own use articles of food provided for the patients. The temptation is especially strong to indulge in things allowed to newcomers, who must be induced gradually to correct their pernicious habits.

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