Ellen G. White Writings

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Health, Philanthropic, and Medical Missionary Work, Page 21

things.” Would they pass these things so indifferently if the loss were to be sustained by themselves?—No; they would know exactly what to do, and how to do it; but it makes all the difference that it belongs to the institution. This is the fruit of selfishness, and is registered against them under the heading of selfishness.

Some have labored faithfully, while others have done their work mechanically, as though they had no interest in it, except to get through as quickly as possible. Order and thoroughness were neglected because no one was near to watch them and criticize their work. Unfaithfulness was written against their names.


Faithfulness in the Work

The helpers should take Jesus with them in every department of their labor. Whatever is done should be done with that exactness and thoroughness which will bear inspection. The heart should be in the work. Faithfulness is as essential in washing dishes, sweeping the floors, and doing chamber work, as in caring for the sick or administering baths. Some may receive the idea that their work is not ennobling; but this is just as they choose to make it. They alone are capable of degrading or elevating their employment. Would that every drone might be compelled to toil for his daily bread; for work is a blessing, not a curse. Diligent labor will keep us from many of the snares of Satan, who ever finds some mischief for idle hands to do.

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