Ellen G. White Writings

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Health, Philanthropic, and Medical Missionary Work, Page 26

When the converting power of God is felt upon the heart, altogether different results will be seen. A person who will allow any degree of suspicion or censure to rest upon his fellow workers, while he neither rebukes the complainers nor faithfully presents the matter before the one condemned, is doing the work of the enemy. He is watering seeds of discord and of strife, the fruit of which he will have to meet in the day of God. He is backbiting; he is taking up a reproach against his neighbor; he is doing a work that will separate very friends. He is striking directly at the reputation of his brother; and envy, jealousy, and evil surmisings are awakened, which endanger the soul's salvation. He is hedging up his brother's way, binding his influence; and God will hold him accountable for this work.

This disrespect for others, this disregard for right and justice, is not a rare thing. It is found to a greater or less extent in all our institutions. If one makes a mistake, there are some who make it their business to talk about it until it grows to large proportions. Instead of this, there should be in all engaged in our institutions a sacred principle to guard the interest and reputation of every one with whom they are associated, even as they would wish their own reputation guarded. May the Lord impress this upon the minds and hearts of all our workers.



The guardians of the institution must ever maintain a high standard, and carefully watch

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