Ellen G. White Writings

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Health, Philanthropic, and Medical Missionary Work, Page 41

to a special theory of medicine which they advocate, by a godly life and conversation they should make prominent the fact that they are Christians. Not one of the schools of medicine highly lauded in the world is approved in the courts above, nor do they bear the heavenly superscription and endorsement. You are not justified in advocating one school above the others, as though it were the only one worthy of respect. Those who vindicate one school of medicine and bitterly condemn another are actuated by a zeal that is not according to knowledge. With what pharisaic pride some men look down upon others who have not received a diploma from the so-called standard school. All this proves that they can not see afar off, and have not been purged from their old sins. They need to humble themselves at the cross of Calvary. This spirit will never be acknowledged in heaven, nor will men who cherish it hear the “Well done.” Some have been as zealous in exalting what their particular school advocated as though the Lord had specified that that method was the only one to be allowed. The use of drugs has resulted in far more harm than good; and should our physicians who claim to believe the truth almost entirely dispense with medicine, and faithfully practise along the lines of the principles of hygiene, using nature's remedies, far greater success would attend their efforts.

The duties and qualifications of a physician are not small. The students need daily to lift responsibilities, that they may become burden-bearers. They may be inclined to undertake the duties of medical practitioners when they know nothing of their inability as far as experience is concerned.

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