Ellen G. White Writings

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Health, Philanthropic, and Medical Missionary Work, Page 46

The Sanitarium as a Missionary Field

Let the Christian physician remember that he has pledged himself to represent Christ to others in practise, in character. If he does not strictly guard himself, if he allows the barriers to be broken down, Satan will overcome him with his specious temptations. There will be a blemish in his character which will tell in its evil workings upon other minds, and leave a molding influence upon others characters.

The Lord will work with your efforts as you appropriate your gifts to his glory. You are to be missionaries in the highest sense of the word, knowing how to speak a word in season to him that is weary. You are to educate yourselves in such a way that you will have an appreciation of the spiritual necessities of those around you.

The world looks favorably on some of our methods and ideas; but we must not let the flattery of the world seduce us. We must not depend upon human favor or patronage for success. Like a mighty cleaver, the truth has taken us out of the quarry of the world to be the peculiar people of God, and we can not afford to assimilate with the world. We must not compromise one principle of the truth, or yield one position, to gain the favor of the world. O for a life consistent with our faith! No portion of the Lord's vineyard has greater possibilities for doing good than the Sanitarium. He has promised that if we follow Christ our Saviour, we shall walk in the light as he is in the light. He desires to show to the world

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