Ellen G. White Writings

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Health, Philanthropic, and Medical Missionary Work, Page 50

Medical Missionaries

God has said that if the men connected with this institution would walk humbly and obediently, in purity of life, doing the will of God, it would live and prosper; and from it would be sent forth missionaries to bless others with the light that God has given them. These will, in the spirit of Jesus, demolish the idols in high places; they will unveil superstition, and plant truth, purity, and holiness where now are cherished only error, self-indulgence, intemperance, and iniquity,

Before 1890.


Let forces be set at work to clear new ground, to establish new living interests wherever an opening can be found. Let men learn how to make brief, earnest prayers. Let them learn to speak of the world's Redeemer, to lift up the Man of Calvary higher and still higher. Transplant trees out of your thickly planted nursery. God is not glorified in having such immense advantages centered in one place. We need wise nurserymen who will transplant trees in different localities, and give them advantages whereby they may grow. It is a positive duty to go into regions beyond. Rally workers, who possess true missionary zeal, and let them go forth to diffuse light and knowledge far and near. Let them take the living principles of health reform into communities that to a large degree are ignorant of what they should do. Let men and women teach these principles to classes that can not have

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