Ellen G. White Writings

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Health, Philanthropic, and Medical Missionary Work, Page 52

Prayer for the Sick

This is a very delicate question, and to many minds, I fear, will not be satisfactorily settled. I have tried to act upon the light the Lord has given me, in the fear of God.

I have been troubled over these things, and years ago took the position that if I had any duty to pray for the sick, I would come before the Lord with a petition of this kind: “Lord we can not read the heart of this sick one; but thou knowest whether it is for the good of his soul, and for the glory of thy name to raise him to health. In thy great goodness, compassionate this case, and let healthy action take place in the system. The work must be entirely thine own. We have done all that human skill can do; now, Lord, we lay this case at thy feet; work thou as only God can work; and if it be for thy glory, arrest the progress of disease and heal this sufferer.”

After I have prayed earnestly for the sick, what then? Do I cease to do all that I can for their recovery?—No, I work all the more earnestly, that the Lord may bless the means which his own hand has provided, entreating that he may give a sanctified wisdom to co-operate with God in the recovery of the sick.

In praying for the sick, it is essential to have faith; for it is in accordance with the word of God. “The fervent and effectual prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” So we can not discard praying for the sick, and we should feel very sad if we could not have the privilege of approaching God, to lay before him all our

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