Ellen G. White Writings

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Address To Ministers, Page 18

church of God may be fed with their portion of meat in due season. The work of our ministers must be of a different order. They must develop in patience, in Christlikeness, that they may teach the people the way of life by precept and example. The truth is of no value to any one unless it is brought into the inner sanctuary, and sanctifies the soul. Piety will degenerate and religion become a shallow sentimentalism, unless the plowshare of truth is made to go deep into the fallow ground of the heart. When the truth is received, it will work radical changes in life and character; for religion means the abiding of Christ in the heart; and where he is, the soul goes on in spiritual activity, ever growing in grace, ever going on to perfection.

Are We Growing Up Into Christ?

It is no real evidence that one is a Christian because his emotions are stirred, or his spirit aroused, by the presentation of truth. The question is, Are you growing up into Christ, your living head? Is the grace of Christ manifested in your life? God gives his grace to men, that they may desire more of his grace. God's grace is ever working upon the human heart; and when it is received, the evidence of its reception will appear in the life and character of the recipient, for spiritual life will be seen developing from within. The grace of Christ in the heart will always promote spiritual life, and spiritual advancement will be made. We each need a personal Saviour, or we shall perish in our sins. Let the question be asked of our souls, Am I growing up into Christ, my living head? Am I gaining advanced knowledge of God, and of Jesus Christ, whom he hath sent? We do not see the plants grow in the field, and yet we are assured that they do grow; and may we not know of our own spiritual strength and growth?

Growth in grace does not come without much earnest prayer, without the humbling of self at every step. Jesus said: “Strive to enter in at the strait gate; for many, I say unto you, shall seek to enter in, and shall not be able.”

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