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An Appeal for the Madison School, Page 1

An Appeal for the Madison School

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I am acquainted with the necessities of the work being done by Brethren Magan and Sutherland and their co-laborers at Madison, Tennessee, for the Lord has presented this matter clearly before me. PH119 1.1

Light had been given that a great work was to be done in and around Nashville. When these brethren were looking for a location for their school, they found the farm where the school is now established. The price was moderate, and the advantages were many. I was shown that the property should be secured for the school, and advised them to look no farther. PH119 1.2

The Character of the Work

The school at Madison not only educates in a knowledge of the Scriptures, but it gives a practical training that fits the student to go forth as a self-supporting missionary to the field to which he is called. In their work at Madison, Brethren Sutherland and Magan and their associates have borne trial nobly. The students have been taught to raise their own crops, to build their own houses, and to care wisely for cattle and poultry. They have been learning to become self-supporting, and a training more important than this they could not receive. Thus they have obtained a valuable education for usefulness in missionary fields. PH119 1.3

To this is added the knowledge of how to treat the sick and to care for the injured. This training for medical missionary work is one of the grandest objects for which any school can be established. PH119 1.4

The Need for a Sanitarium

There are many suffering from disease and injury, who, when relieved of pain, will be prepared to listen to the truth. Our Saviour was a mighty Healer. In His name there may PH119 1.5

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