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Appeal To Our People in America in Behalf of the Nashville Publishing House, Page 5

Appeal To Our People in America in Behalf of the Nashville Publishing House

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“There is a heavy burden on my soul in regard to the Southern work. Something has already been done in the South; but the work must advance much more rapidly than it has been advancing. A publishing house has recently been established in Nashville to print reading matter suitable for the different classes of people in that field. The needs of this new institution have been presented before our Northern churches, and in response to the call of our brethren many gifts, large and small, have been made. We thank the Lord that he has aroused some of the brethren to establish and sustain the Publishing House in Nashville. The establishment of this institution is an advanced movement, and will accomplish much good. This institution will still need to be sustained by gifts and offerings, just as the publishing house in Battle Creek and the publishing house in Oakland were sustained when they were first established.”

“These newly established interests should receive help from our people. Those living in places where the truth has been long established should remember the needs of the preparatory work to be done in Nashville. This place has been selected as a center because of the large educational institutions situated in and near it. In

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