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Backsliding in Health Reform, Page 3

universe. Will you not give up indulgences that are doing you such injury? Words of profession are cheap; let your acts of self-denial testify that you will be obedient to the demands that God makes of his peculiar people. Then put into the treasury a portion of the means that you save by your acts of your self-denial and there will be that which is to carry on the work of God.

There are many who feel that they can not get along without flesh meat; but if they would place themselves on the Lord's side resolved to obey his requirements in this matter, they would receive strength and wisdom as did Daniel and his fellows. They would find that the Lord would give them sound, judgment and they would be surprised to see how much could be saved for the cause of God by self-denial. And the small sums gained by deeds of sacrifice will do more than larger gifts will accomplish that have not called for self-denial of self. I am sure that if you will Begin at Washington to do this work of reform, in school, in the Printing Office and among All the Working Forces, the Lord will help you to present a pledge that will help the people to return from their backslidings on the question of health reform. As you seek to carry out the will of the Lord in this particular, he will give you clear understanding of what the health reform will do for you.

I have heard from several as I travel that Sister White has changed her views in regard to the reformed diet. I would have all understand that Sister White has the Same Testimony to bear on this subject that she has ever borne. There are those among us who occupy important positions of trust, and who have refused to follow the light, and their course has been displeasing to God. Let those now

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