Ellen G. White Writings

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Camp-Meetings Their Object, and How to Conduct Them, Page 25

drawing them; conscience tells them that what they hear is true, for it has the Bible for its foundation. The greatest care is needed in dealing with these souls.

“Let such portions of truth be dealt out to them as they may be able to grasp and appreciate. Though it should appear strange and startling, many will recognize with joy that new light is shed on the Word of God; whereas if truth were presented in so large a measure that they could not comprehend it, some would go away, and never come again. Some would misrepresent the truth; in their explanation of what was said, they would so wrest the Scriptures as to confuse other minds. We must take advantage of circumstances now. Present the truth as it is in Jesus. There must be no combative or controversial spirit in the advocacy of truth.

“Those who will study the manner of Christ's teaching and educate themselves to follow His way, will attract and hold large numbers now, as Christ held the people in His day. The Saviour is our example in all things. His love abiding in the heart will be expressed in words that will benefit the hearers, and win souls to Him. When the truth in its practical character is urged upon the people because you love them, souls will be convicted, because the Holy Spirit of God will convict of the truth. Satan will be on the ground, that with his hellish shadow he may obtrude himself between man and God, to intercept every ray of light that will shine on the soul. The great message is to be given as it is in Jesus.

“Arm yourselves with humility, pray that angels of God may come close to your side to impress the mind; for it is not you that work the Holy Spirit, but the Holy Spirit must work you. There is a winning, compelling power in the

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