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Camp-Meetings Their Object, and How to Conduct Them, Page 34

simple service of thanksgiving to God. There would be much more power in our camp-meetings if we had a true sense of the goodness, mercy, and long-suffering of God, and if more praise flowed forth from our lips to the honor and glory of His name. We need to cultivate more fervour of soul. The Lord says, “Whoso offereth praise glorifieth Me.”

It is Satan's work to talk of that which concerns himself; and he is delighted to have human beings talk of his power, of his working through the children of men. Through indulgence in such conversation, the mind becomes gloomy and sour and disagreeable. We may become channels of communication for Satan, through which flow words that bring no sunshine to any heart. But let us decide that this shall not be. Let us determine not to be channels through which Satan communicates gloomy, disagreeable thoughts. Let our words be not a savour of death unto death, but of life unto life.

In the words we speak to the people, and in the prayers we offer, God desires us to give unmistakable evidence that we have spiritual life. We do not enjoy the fulness of blessing which the Lord has prepared for us, because we do not ask in faith. If we would exercise faith in the word of the living God, we would have the richest blessing. We dishonour God by our lack of faith, therefore we cannot impart life to others by bearing a living, uplifting testimony. We cannot give what we do not possess.

If we will only walk humbly with God, if we will work in the Spirit of Christ, none of us will carry heavy burdens. We shall lay them upon the great burden bearer. Then we may expect triumphs in the presence of God, in the communion of His love. From the beginning to the end

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