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Camp-Meetings Their Object, and How to Conduct Them, Page 6

All the surroundings should be a lesson. Especially should the family tents, in their neatness and order, giving a glimpse of home life, be a constant sermon as to the habits, customs, and practices of Seventh Day Adventists.

How to Secure Attendance

Previous to one of our camp-meetings, I seemed one night to be in an assembly met for consultation as to the work to be done before the camp-meeting. It was proposed to make large efforts previous to the meeting, and incur heavy expense for distributing notices and papers. Arrangements were being made to do this, when One who is wise in counsel said, “Set your tents, begin your meetings, then advertise, and more will be accomplished.”

The truth as spoken by the living preacher will have greater influence than the same matter will have when published in the papers. But both methods combined will have still greater force. It is not best plan to follow one line of efforts year after year. Change the order of things. When you give time and opportunity, Satan is prepared to rally his forces, and he will work to destroy every soul possible. Work after the meeting rather than before. Do not arouse opposition before the people have had opportunity to hear the truth and know what they are opposing. If a press could be secured to be worked during the meeting, printing leaflets, notices, and papers for distribution, it would have a telling influence.

At some of our camp-meetings strong companies of workers have been organized to go out into the city and its suburbs to distribute literature and to invite people to the meetings. By this means hundreds of persons were secured as regular

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