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Camp-Meetings Their Object, and How to Conduct Them, Page 9

and practices of men. Learned men have taught the people until they are full of unbelief and prejudice; and yet we must say to these people, “Come and see.” God requires us to proclaim the truth, and let it discover error.

The Members of Our Churches Should Attend Camp-meeting

It is important that the members of our churches should attend our camp-meetings. The enemies of truth are many, and because our numbers are few, we should present as strong a front as possible. Individually, you need the benefits of the meeting, and God calls upon you to number one in the ranks of truth.

Some will say “It is expensive to travel, and it would be better for me to save the money, and give it to the advancement of the work where it is so much needed.” Do not reason in this way; God calls upon you to take your place among the rank and file of his people. Strengthen the meeting all you possibly can by being present with your families. Put forth extra exertion to attend the gathering of God's people.

Brethren and sisters, it would be far better for you to let your business suffer than to neglect the opportunity of hearing the message God has for you. Make no excuse that will keep you from gaining every spiritual advantage possible. You need every ray of light. You need to become qualified to give a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear. You cannot afford to lose one such privilege.

Anciently the Lord instructed his people to assemble three times a year for his worship. To these holy convocations the children of Israel came, bringing to the house of God their tithes, their sin-offerings, and their offerings of gratitude.

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