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Gospel Temperance Work, Page 9

with music and every attraction to allure the youth! Intemperance, Licentiousness, and Profanity are sisters.

Let every God-fearing youth gird on the armor, and press to the front. Let no excuse be offered when you are asked to put your name to the temperance pledge, but sign every pledge presented, and induce others to sign with you. Work for the good of your own souls, and the good of others. Never let an opportunity pass to cast your influence on the side of strict temperance.—Counsels on Health, 441.

Light-Bearers to the World

Will young men now humble their hearts before God, and give themselves to His service? Will they not accept the holy trust, and become light-bearers to a world ready to be consumed by the wrath of an offended God.

The use of intoxicating drink, which dethrones reason, and tobacco, which clouds the brain and poisons the life current, is increasing. Are our young men prepared to lift their voices in the cause of temperance and show its bearing upon Christianity? Will they engage in the holy war against appetite and lust?—Manuscript 134, 1898.

Steadfastly True to Principle

Daniel, the Hebrew captive, was exposed in his youth to the allurements of the king's court; yet he remained true to the principles taught him by his fathers. He purposed in his heart that he would not eat of the luxuries of the king's table, or drink of his wines. This purpose was not formed without due reflection and earnest prayer, and when once his position was taken, he was not to be moved from it. Though surrounded by temptations to self-indulgence and dissipation, he would not consent to violate his conscience. He made God his strength; his mind was not enervated by habits of indulgence, which crush out true, godlike manhood; and he was prepared to attain both moral and intellectual greatness.

Daniel's companions, also, resolutely denied selfish desires, and put away hurtful gratifications. As a result, their minds became strong and vigorous. They chose the real, the true, and the useful, rather than the momentary indulgence of appetite and pride. They did all in their power to place themselves in right relation to God, and the Lord was not unmindful of their firm, persevering, earnest effort.

The Scriptures declare of Daniel and his fellows: “As for these four children, God gave them knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom: and Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams.”

These youth had placed themselves in connection with the Source of all wisdom. They learned of Christ, the world's greatest teacher.

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