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Home and Church School Manual, Page 14

intellect. After this period, if the physical constitution is good, the education of both should receive attention... Parents, especially mothers, should be the only teachers of such infant minds. They should not educate from books. The children generally will be inquisitive to learn the things of nature. They will ask questions in regard to the things they see and hear, and parents should improve the opportunity to instruct and patiently answer these little inquiries.—Healthful Living, 151

Age in the home school

“The first seven or ten years of a child's life is the time when lasting impressions for good or for evil are made.”—P.C. May 6, 1897.

“Parents should be the only teachers of their children until they have reached eight or ten years of age..... Many children have been ruined for life by urging the intellect and neglecting to strengthen the physical powers, Many have died in childhood because of the course pursued by injudicious parents and school-teachers ... when they were too young to see the inside of a school-room.”—Christian Education, 8.

Every home should be a church

“Every family in the home life should be a church, a beautiful symbol of the church of God in heaven. If parents realized their responsibility to their children, they would not under any circumstances scold and fret at them.”—P.C. December 15, 1897.

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