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Home and Church School Manual, Page 4

Home and Church School Manual

Table of Contents

Chapter I.
   Worldly and Christian Education.5
   The tree of knowledge of good and evil represents worldly schools.5
   Life and death question.5
   Need of reform in our schools.6
   Christian education and eternal Life.6
   It is time to obey.7
   Age does not make error truth.7
   Garden of Eden Adam's school-room.7
   Christian education fits for all vocations.8
   Need of reform in lessons given to children.8
   Fruit of the tree of knowledge not to be plucked.9
   Why Christian schools are needed.10
   Bible cannot be taught in state schools.11
   Influence of popular schools.11
   Teachers and teaching.12
Chapter II.
   Home Schools13
   Teachers in the home.13
   Early home training.13
   Age in the home school.14
   Every home should be a church.14
   Effects of home school.15
   God's Word and nature.15
   Home duties.16
   Duties that educate.16
   Physiology and hygiene.17
   Voice culture.17
   Children should share the burdens with father and mother.17
   General Culture.19
   Home Discipline.19
   The condition of many homes.20
   A sacred trust.21
   Teachers for isolated homes.22
Chapter III.
   Church Schools23
   For each church.23
   If not more than six children.24
   For every company.24
   Several churches unite.24
   The Bible.25
   Nature study.27
   Physiology and healthful living.28
   Common branches.29
   Manual training.30
   Example set by Christ.31
   Various lines of manual training.31
   Converted teachers.32
   Progressive teachers.33
   Efficiency required.34
   No cheap cast of mind.34
   No haphazard work.34
   A practical knowledge necessary.35
   As disciplinarians.35
   Close relation between teacher and pupils.36
   Value of a child.36
   The standard.37
   The duty of parents.38
   Methods of discipline.39
   To make missionaries.40
   Education in the cities.41
   The experience of Lot in a city.42
   Locate your school in the country.43
   School land is sacred to the institution.44
   Building for the church school.46
   Duty of the wealthy.47
   All should help.47
   Donations should be made.48
   Education of children comes before any other missionary enterprise.48
   Ministers should feed the lambs.50
   There is hope if we now work.50


T.—Testimonies; G. W.—Gospel Workers; C. E.—Christian Education; P. C.—Private Collection; Sp. T. on Ed.—Special Testimonies on Education.

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