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Special Testimony to the Battle Creek Church, Page 1

Special Testimony to the Battle Creek Church

Read in the Tabernacle, Nov. 30, 1882.

Oakland, Cal.,

August 3, 1882.

Dear Brethren and Sisters in Battle Creek,

My soul has been sadly burdened tonight. I have been unable to sleep, as I have been many nights, because of great distress for the cause of God and the church at Battle Creek. I thought when my work was done in writing out Testimony No. 31, I should then be free; but last night I was, in my dreams, in your meetings. I heard your testimonies; I felt your spirit. Some were humbling their souls before God. With confession and humiliation, they made their way out of the darkness, while Eld. Smith, Bro. McLearn, and Wm. Gage seemed to feel no spirit of confession; and these very men who had brought the church into difficulty, were not by their own course of action leading them out. I heard testimonies borne to have a soothing influence upon the people.

Bro. McLearn and Wm. Gage in their testimonies worked directly against the Spirit of God. They did not seem to understand that Heaven's light was shining in upon them to call them as a people to repentance. They treated the warnings of the Spirit of God as a matter of indifference,—as though that voice were human in place of divine. What there was to make any demonstration of on their part they

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