Ellen G. White Writings

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Special Testimony to the Battle Creek Church, Page 2

could not see. If they had done wrong, why dwell upon it so much? Just go on; let it all drop, and say as little about it as possible. This is the very thing the enemy of souls wants them to do; and Bro. McLearn, here in this peril of the church, while God is seeking to arouse them, has revealed his true spirit, and that he was not a safe man to counsel and advise the church in a crisis. God is calling them to repentance, and do Bro. McLearn and Wm. Gage work in harmony with the Spirit of God? Are these men confessing their own sins, acknowledging their departure from God, which has brought calamity upon the church and the frown of God? Smooth words and fair speeches are uttered to mislead those who would come to the light. Instead of these men falling upon the Rock and being broken, they are using their inventive powers to make it appear that they were not deserving of reproof, that their course had been altogether different than the Spirit of the Lord had represented. Will they take the Testimonies home and act upon them? No; they have not done it, and do not intend to do it. A spirit of vindication is aroused in them rather than of humiliation and confession. PH155 1.2

I now state plainly, Bro. McLearn has been exalted, praised, deified. Why? Because of his unselfish labors to bring the work and cause of God up where it is? Is it because of his sacrifice of self, his untiring efforts for the cause of God? No; but because he pleased a certain class who were blinded as to the spirit of the work and what God requires of his people, both parents and children, for this time. These teachers apprehend no special cause of alarm in the present condition of the professed people of God, in their assimilating to the world, and in their lack of love and lack of exercising forbearance toward their brethren. These consider the character of the church generally in a flourishing condition. Therefore they prophesy smooth things, and cry, Peace, peace; and those who want to have it so take up the cry, Peace, PH155 2.1

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