Ellen G. White Writings

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Special Testimony to the Battle Creek Church, Page 4

living stone in the spiritual building. It is being renewed in knowledge and true holiness, being crucified to the world and made alive in Christ. These walk in love and follow Christ as dear children. The labor of love engages the affections and inspires the prayers. When they trust alone in God, they are divinely assisted by the Spirit of Truth. They are not permitted to seek the friendship of the world, or to co-operate with wicked men. When we comply with the conditions specified in the word of God,—come out from among them and be separate, and touch not the unclean,—then we are acknowledged as sons and daughters of God. The principles of his righteous, moral government never change; therefore the same measure of guilt will receive the same measure of punishment.

If his people have not obeyed his requirements, they stand condemned according to their delinquencies. What, then, is required of the church at Battle Creek? Humiliation, confession, and true, genuine repentance before God. The spirit manifested by many at Battle Creek is, Let us not make earnest, thorough work; such a great ado is uncalled for. I tell you, God calls for repentance and confessions from his people; and those who have taken an active part in bringing the church into her present position, will never come to the light only by humble confessions and a sincere repentance before God, and working to bring them to the light. The wall of separation which the Lord himself has established between the things of the world and the things he has chosen out of the world and sanctified unto himself, has been broken down by those who profess godliness and occupy the position of teachers of the people. They have not, in precept and practice, acknowledged this position, but rather by their practice annihilated the difference between the holy and the profane. But the separation exists, notwithstanding so many have in practice made it void, and seem determined to maintain

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