Ellen G. White Writings

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Special Testimony to the Brethren in Battle Creek, Page 9

An Appeal to our Brethren in Battle Creek

Why is it, brethren, that you continue to to keep so many things bound up in Battle Creek? Why do you not listen to the counsels and the warnings that have been given to you regarding this matter? Why do you not take decisive steps to establish centers of influence in many of the large cities? Why do you not encourage the Michigan Tract Society and the International Tract Society to establish their offices in cities where there is a great missionary work to be done, and where their secretaries and workers may engage personally in missionary labor, and act as leaders in important missionary enterprises. Move out, brethren, move out, and educate your workers to labor for those outside the camp. Why do you hide your light by continuing to remain in Battle Creek? Go out, brethren, go out into the regions beyond.

There is much work to be done, and our experienced workers should strive to place themselves where they may come in direct contact with those needing help. It is comparatively little that they can do in Battle Creek. Is it right, brethren, for you to keep your light hid under a bed or under a bushel? Is it not better that you should do that which the Lord has plainly indicated that you ought to do? Resolve now that you will give up your preference, your way, and that you will obey his voice. Seek the Lord most earnestly, with humble, fervent prayer for wisdom and for success in this endeavor. Then take your light from under the

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