Ellen G. White Writings

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Prophets and Kings, Page 11

Table of Contents

Introduction-The Vineyard of the Lord15
Section I—From Strength to Weakness
1. Solomon25
2. The Temple and Its Dedication35
3. Pride of Prosperity51
4. Results of Transgression61
5. Solomon's Repentance75
6. The Rending of the Kingdom87
7. Jeroboam99
8. National Apostasy109
Section II—Prophets of the Northern Kingdom
9. Elijah the Tishbite119
10. The Voice of Stern Rebuke129
11. Carmel143
12. From Jezreel to Horeb155
13. “What Doest Thou Here?”167
14. “In the Spirit and Power of Elias”177
15. Jehoshaphat190
16. The Fall of the House of Ahab204
17. The Call of Elisha217
18. The Healing of the Waters229
19. A Prophet of Peace235
20. Naaman244
21. Elisha's Closing Ministry254
22. “Nineveh, That Great City”265
23. The Assyrian Captivity279
24. “Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge”293

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