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The Publishing Ministry, Page 15

Chapter 1—Dorchester Vision of 1848 and Our First Publishing Ventures

The Dorchester Vision of 1848 [Following their return from Western New York in September, 1848, Elder and Mrs. White journeyed to Maine, where they held a meeting with the believers, October 20-22. This was the Topsham conference, where the brethren began praying that a way might be opened for publishing the truths connected with the Advent message. A month later they were with “a small company of brethren and sisters,” writes Joseph Bates in his pamphlet on “The Sealing Message,” “assembled in meeting in Dorchester, near Boston, Mass.” “Before the meeting commenced,” he continues, “some of us were examining some of the points in the sealing message; some difference of opinion existed about the correctness of the view of the word ‘ascending’ [see Revelation 7:2], etc.”

Elder James White, in ... giving his account of this meeting, writes: “We all felt like uniting to ask wisdom from God on the points in dispute; also Brother Bates's duty in writing. We had an exceedingly powerful meeting. Ellen was again taken off in vision. She then began to describe the Sabbath light, which was the sealing truth. Said she: ‘It arose from the rising of the sun. It arose back there in weakness, but light after light has shone upon it until the Sabbath truth is clear, weighty, and mighty. Like the sun when it first rises, its rays are cold, but as it comes up, its rays are warming and powerful; so the light and power has increased more and more until its rays are powerful, sanctifying the soul; but, unlike the sun, it will never set. The Sabbath light will be at its brightest when the saints are immortal; it will rise higher and higher until immortality comes.’

“She saw many interesting things about this glorious sealing Sabbath, which I have not time or space to record. She told Brother Bates to write the things he had seen and heard, and the blessing of God would attend it.”

It was after this vision that Mrs. White informed her husband of his duty to publish, and that as he should advance by faith, success would attend his efforts.—Life Sketches of Ellen G. White, 116, footnote.

Regarding this vision of November 18, 1848, Elder Joseph Bates testified that he saw and heard the following from the lips of Ellen Harmon:

“‘Yea, publish the things thou hast seen and heard, and the blessing of God will attend. Look ye! That rising is in strength, and grows brighter and brighter!’ ... The above was copied word for word as she spake in vision, therefore it's unadulterated.”—A Seal of the Living God (seventy-two-page pamphlet published by Joseph Bates in 1849), p. 26.]—At a meeting held in Dorchester, Mass., November, 1848, I had been given a view of the proclamation of the sealing message, and of the duty of the brethren to publish the light that was shining upon our pathway.

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