Ellen G. White Writings

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Passion, Purpose & Power, Page 186

37. Avondale College

Our work began in Australia in 1885, when Pastors [Stephen N.] Haskell, [John O.] Corliss, and [M. C.] Israel, also Brethren Henry Scott and William Arnold, came to this field. Mrs. Daniells and I128Elder Arthur G. Daniells, 1858-1935. arrived in New Zealand in November, 1885. Sister White, her son W. C. White, and a number of other workers came here in the latter part of 1891.

By that time we must have had nearly a thousand Sabbath-keepers in Australia and New Zealand. Among them was a large number of fine young people. They had a great desire to take part in the proclamation of our message. But they were without the education and training which they felt they needed, and we had no educational facilities here with which to help them. So great was their burden to obtain the needed preparation for service, that they began crossing the Pacific to attend our schools in America. By the time Sister White came, some twenty or thirty had left us for the schools in the States. That was a large undertaking for our people financially. It was estimated that by the time these young people had returned to Australia, their expenses would have amounted

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