Ellen G. White Writings

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Pastoral Ministry, Page 145

Chapter 26—Recruiting and Training Volunteers

Where there is now one at work there should be more than 1,000—Christ is saying to us, “O ye of little faith.” Our hearts must be worked by the Holy Spirit. We must believe that the Lord wants us to come to Him just as we are, without any delay, and in faith call upon Him to work for us. The Lord desires to manifest His power among His people. Where there is now one at work there should be more than a thousand, not ordained ministers, but men and women of faith and prayer, who can work for God.—Manuscript Releases 5:336. PaM 145.1

God requires personal service of everyone to whom He entrusts His truth—God will require personal service at the hands of every one to whom He entrusts His truth. Not one is excused. Some may feel that if they give of their substance they are excused from personal efforts. But God forbid that they should deceive themselves in this. Gifts of means do not meet the requirement of God, for the duty is but half done. He will accept nothing short of yourselves. You must work to save souls. All will not be called to go to foreign missions, but you may be missionaries at home, in your own families and in your neighborhoods.—The Signs of the Times, September 4, 1879. PaM 145.2

Genuine Christians are known by their usefulness—Now I wish to state to you that the Lord is opening before me that great weakness has come upon our people by the various ways that lead men to so thoroughly look to and depend upon his fellow men, that the Lord is left out of the question. As the glory of the good tree testifies of its value by the fruit it bears, so also the genuine Christian is known by his usefulness. He does not merely blossom out with a pretentious show in professing godliness, but he bears fruit, with all his might and main. There is not a dying twig or a barren bough on the whole tree which grows by the rivers of waters of the grace of Christ. The fruit is yielded in varieties. They may be in foreign mission fields or in home missions; the fruit appears ripening under the sunshine of the righteousness of Christ. “Herein is My Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit.”—Special Testimonies, Series A, 11:28, 29. PaM 145.3

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