Ellen G. White Writings

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Pastoral Ministry, Page 163

Chapter 27—Baptism

Baptism commemorates Christ's resurrection and the candidate's new birth—The resurrection of Christ is commemorated by our being buried with Him by baptism, and raised up out of the watery grave in likeness of His resurrection, to live in newness of life.—Early Writings, 217.

Preparing Candidates

Ministers should give each candidate plain instruction regarding baptism's meaning—Our churches are becoming enfeebled by receiving for doctrines the commandments of men. Many are received into the church who are not converted. Men, women, and children are allowed to take part in the solemn rite of baptism without being fully instructed in regard to the meaning of this ordinance. Participation in this ordinance means much, and our ministers should be careful to give each candidate for baptism plain instruction regarding its meaning and its solemnity.—The Review and Herald, October 6, 1904.

Church membership of little value without conversion—All, high or low, if they are unconverted, are on one common platform. Men may turn from one doctrine to another. This is being done, and will be done. Papists may change from Catholicism to Protestantism; yet they may know nothing of the meaning of the words, “A new heart also will I give you.” Accepting new theories, and uniting with a church, do not bring new life to any one, even though the church with which he unites may be established on the true foundation. Connection with a church does not take the place of conversion. To subscribe the name to a church creed is not of the least value to any one if the heart is not truly changed.—The Review and Herald, February 14, 1899.

Baptism should follow, not only instruction and belief, but also practice—There is need of a more thorough preparation on the part of candidates for baptism. They are in need of more faithful instruction than has usually been given them. The principles of the Christian life should be made plain to those who have newly come to the truth. None can depend upon their profession of faith as proof that they have a saving connection

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