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Pastoral Ministry, Page 255

Chapter 45—Conference Departments

Conferences should educate ministers, and together they should educate the churches—The president of a State Conference is, by his manner of dealing, educating the ministers under him, and together they can so educate the churches that it will not be necessary to call the ministers of the conference from the field to settle difficulties and dissensions in the church. If the officers in the conference will, as faithful servants, perform their Heaven-appointed duties, the work in our conferences will not be left to become entangled in such perplexities as heretofore. And in laboring thus, the workers will become solid, responsible men, who will not fail nor be discouraged in a hard place.—Gospel Workers, 419.

Conference and Department Leaders

Respect treasurers, accountants, and bookkeepers—I was shown the great deficiency there is in keeping the accounts in the various departments of the cause. Bookkeeping is and ever will be an important part of our work, and those who have become intelligent in it are greatly needed in all our institutions.... This branch of the work has been neglected shamefully, and altogether too long. It is a shame to allow work of such magnitude to be done in a defective, bungling manner. God wants as perfect work as it is possible for human beings to do.... Bookkeeping is a subject that needs to be studied in order that it may be done with correctness and dispatch and without worry and taxation.—Letter 63, 1886. (Quoted in Ellen G. White in Europe 249).

All departments of the cause should be conducted by those with the qualifications for the position—It is necessary that the same order and system should be maintained in the church now as in the days of the apostles. The prosperity of the cause depends very largely upon its various departments being conducted by men of ability, who are qualified for their positions.—The Spirit of Prophecy 3:293.

We should improve our ways of training departmental leaders—As a people who claim to have advanced light, we are to devise ways and means

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