Ellen G. White Writings

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Pastoral Ministry, Page 41

Chapter 4—Church Policies

Church Organization

The church must be organized to carry out and enforce order, or it will scatter into fragments—I was shown that some have been fearing they should become Babylon if they organize; but the churches in Central New York have been perfect Babylon, confusion. And now unless the churches are so organized that they can carry out and enforce order, they have nothing to hope for in the future.—The Review and Herald, August 27, 1861.

Medical missionary work must not stand aloof from church organization—Temptations will come to you to think that in order to carry forward the medical missionary work you must stand aloof from church organization or church discipline. To stand thus would place you on an unsound footing. The work done for those who come to you for instruction is not complete unless they are educated to work in connection with the church.—Testimonies for the Church 8:161.

Preachers should not unite their influence with critics of the church—When plied with the arguments and suggestions of such advisers, it would be well for us each to inquire, “Should I, who am a Christian, a child of God; one called to be the light of the world, a preacher of righteousness; who have so often expressed my confidence in the truth and the way in which the Lord has led us, should I unite my influence with those who bitterly oppose the work of God? Should I, a steward of the mysteries of God, open to His worst enemies the counsels of His people? Would not such a course embolden the wicked in their opposition to the truth of God and to His covenant-keeping people? Would not such concession prevent me from opening my lips in exhortation, warning, or entreaty in my own family or in the church of God? If Paul or Peter were placed in similar circumstances, would he thus betray a sacred trust?”—The Signs of the Times, January 3, 1884.

Ministerial Ordination

Ordination is the church's public recognition of a divine appointment—The Christian church was at this time entering upon an important era. The

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