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Pastoral Ministry, Page 55

Chapter 9—Ministerial Ethics

We should be living examples of what we preach—We shall seek God earnestly, and as ministers of God preaching the gospel, we should carry these great truths into our daily lives, and show that we are living examples of what we preach—that we are carrying into our everyday life practical godliness—then wherever we go we will be a power.—Sermons and Talks, 1:63.

Ministers who preach one way and live another are wolves in sheep's clothing—Wearing the insignia of Christ, they serve the Lord's worst enemy, and heed not the injunction, “Let everyone that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity.” Christ plainly states that this class of teachers are as wolves in sheep's clothing. They talk of grace, they preach of grace, apparently they pray for grace; but they have not the grace of Christ in their hearts. In the pulpit such ministers may appear to be excellent; but they destroy the force of their words when out of the pulpit by such a course of iniquity that they prove themselves to be ministers of sin, wolves in sheep's clothing.—The Signs of the Times, July 18, 1892.

Let ministers show to others that the truth has done something for them—Young preachers, and men who have once been ministers, who have been coarse and rough in their manners, making expressions in their conversation which were not perfectly modest and chaste, are not fit to engage in this work until they give evidence of an entire reform. One word spoken unadvisedly may do more harm than a series of meetings held by them will do good. They leave the standard of truth, which should be ever exalted, lowered to the dust before the community. Their converts generally come up no higher than the standard raised for them by the ministers. Men who are standing between the living and the dead should be just right. The minister should not be off his guard for a single moment. He is laboring to elevate others by bringing them up upon the platform of truth. Let him show to others that the truth has done something for him.—Testimonies for the Church 1:445.

The success of ministers depends on their deportment—Godly men, faithful, holy men, who carry out in their everyday life that which they preach,

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