Ellen G. White Writings

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Pastoral Ministry, Page 85

Chapter 15—Relationships in the Pastoral Family


The real character of the minister is revealed at home—It is not so much the religion of the pulpit as the religion of the family that reveals our real character. The minister's wife, his children, and those who are employed as helpers in his family are best qualified to judge of his piety. A good man will be a blessing to his household. Wife, children, and helpers will all be the better for his religion.—The Adventist Home, 354. PaM 85.1

The spiritual welfare of your family comes first—Nothing can excuse the minister for neglecting the inner circle for the larger circle outside. The spiritual welfare of his family comes first. In the day of final reckoning, God will inquire what he did to win to Christ those whom he took the responsibility of bringing into the world. Great good done for others cannot cancel the debt that he owes to God to care for his own children.—Gospel Workers, 204. PaM 85.2

A minister needs to show kindly consideration as head of the family before succeeding in winning souls—You must show in your family that kindly consideration, that tenderness, love, gentleness, noble forbearance, and true courtesy, that is becoming to the head of a family, before you can make a success of winning souls to Christ.—Testimonies for the Church 3:556. PaM 85.3

Some ministers are drawn away from their work by home ties—Some ministers are easily diverted from their work. They become discouraged, or are drawn away by their home ties, and leave a growing interest to die for want of attention. The loss sustained by the cause in this way can scarcely be estimated.—Gospel Workers, 371. PaM 85.4


Treat your wife tenderly—Treat your wife tenderly. She needs all the care and comfort and encouragement that you promised in your marriage PaM 85.5

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