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The Story of our Health Message, Page 395

opposition to going ahead with the required program. During an evening meeting of the session, as those present were considering the grave problems that presented themselves, there came a gentle tap on the door. The following statement, based upon the memory of one who was present, states in graphic manner what followed:

“Four women requested admittance and a moment’s time of the conference. They were Mrs. Josephine Gotzian, lover of our medical work; Mrs. Stephen N. Haskell, woman of faith and strong belief in the power of the Word of God; her sister, Mrs. Emma Gray, who had been left a widow comparatively early in life with a family on her hands, and had little with which to do, but who had triumphed over many obstacles and who knew what it meant to contend against great odds; and Dr. Florence Keller, whose pioneer work as a physician in New Zealand for this people had thrilled many a heart. ...

“In earnest tones these sisters requested that the school go on; that a hospital be erected in Los Angeles as a teaching unit for the clinical division; that it be dedicated and made sacred to the memory of Ellen G. White; and that the task of raising the money for this hospital be committed to the women of the denomination. A sacred hush pervaded the room, and then these quiet members of the remnant church—not one of whom held any official position—thanked the brethren for their courtesy and retired. But their words had spoken courage, and many a heart there had been inspired.”—Dr. P. T. Magan, The Medical Evangelist, February 15, 1940.

“We Do Not Say, Stop”

That same evening a few brethren of faith invited the president of the General Conference to meet with them. Together they again reviewed the instruction given through the Spirit of prophecy, and spent a large portion of the night in prayer for guidance.

The next morning Elder A. G. Daniells addressed the

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