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The Story of Redemption, Page 9

God's Love Triumphant at Last

The story of redemption, by the gifted author Ellen G. White, is a book written for these times. As we approach the year 2000, world events leave a question mark hanging on the horizon. Are we, a race of tormented human beings, doomed to more trouble and worries, or will the vision of tomorrow change for the better?

Some hope is held out by political and scientific leaders, but the voices of most philosophers, statesmen, and clergymen seem pitched in a minor key.

Is there hope and reassurance anywhere? Yes, for those who refuse to despair and who reason that God must surely know about the human predicament and will act dramatically to change the course of events—for them there will be a way out. But the reader of this volume will find more than human reasoning to support the optimistic view. Faith will spring up in his heart as he reads this enlightening and powerful account of mankind's passionate struggles against the dark powers of evil. The narrative is based upon the scriptural theme of the age-long conflict between divine and Satanic agencies for the control of man's will and destiny. Here is reviewed the story of man's creation and his fall into sin, also of the demonic control that has inspired wars and instigated crime and universal suffering and tragedy. At the heart of the book is the redemption of man wrought by Christ on the cross.

Each page in this narrative provides insights into

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