Ellen G. White Writings

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The Southern Work, Page 19

Section 2—The “Review and Herald” Articles

Note: In the mid-1890's Ellen G. White prepared ten articles for the Review and Herald devoted especially to the work in the Southern field. The first was published on April 2, 1895. The other nine appeared in the issues of November 26 to December 24, 1895, and January 14 to February 4, 1896. All except the first one (April 2, 1895), which apparently was overlooked by Edson White, were chosen for publication in the Southern Work. The ten articles are reproduced here in their entirety.

White Trustees

Work Among the Colored People

I have a most earnest interest in the work to be done among the colored people. This is a branch of work that has been strangely neglected. The reason that this large class of human beings, who have souls to save or to lose, have been so long neglected, is the prejudice that the white people have felt and manifested against mingling with them in religious worship. They have been despised, shunned, and treated with abhorrence, as though crime were upon them, when they were helpless and in need, when men should have labored most earnestly for their salvation. They have been treated without pity. The priests and the Levites have looked upon their wretchedness, and have passed by on the other side.

What should be done for the colored race has long been a vexed question, because professed Christians have not had the Spirit of Christ. They have been called by His name but they have not imitated His example. Men have thought it necessary to plan in such a way as to meet the prejudice of the white people; and a wall of separation in religious worship has been built up between the colored people and the white people. The white people have declared themselves willing that the colored people should be converted. They have no objection to this. They were willing that they should be grafted into the same parent stock, Christ, and become branches

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