Ellen G. White Writings

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Spalding and Magan Collection, Page 3

forsaken me?

The latter rain is coming on those that are pure—all then will receive it as formerly.

When the four angels let go, Christ will set up His kingdom. None receive the latter rain but those who are doing all they can. Christ would help us. All could be overcomers by the grace of God, through the blood of Jesus. All heaven is interested in the work. Angels are interested.

Think ye that He will bring His hand unto Himself until He has accomplished the object for which He stretched it out? Yea, more bitter hatred against those that keep the law than against the Catholics. Truth, the truth, let it shine. Hold them by the side of truth. What are they rich in? They seek falsehood, deception and cunning. Behold where is their strength? Is it in the truth? A mere knowledge of the truth will never save.

How long then, angel of God, before the message will go with a loud voice? Other things to be accomplished. They must make themselves more vile. If Jesus should make His appearance in their midst, they would despise Him. They advocate their errors for awhile, until the people get disgusted with it, then they add another. Nights upon their beds, horror gets hold upon them. Can ye not see it? Live unto God. He has got them safe in the snare. The honest are getting disgusted. Satan works at the very ones that do Him the most harm. God can make them a host against their enemies. Ye give up too quick. Ye let go too soon. That arm, the arm of God is mighty. Satan works in different ways to steal the mind off from God.

Victory! victory, we must have it over every wrong. A solemn sinking into God. Get ready! Set thine house in order.

March 18, 1852

Vision of August 24, 1850

Said the angel, Can ye stand in the battle in the day of the Lord? Ye need to be washed, and live in nearness of life to God.

Then I saw those whose hands are engaged in making up the breach and are standing in the gap, that have formerly since 1844 broken the commandments, and have so far followed the pope as to keep the first day instead of the seventh, and who have since the light shone out of the Most Holy Place, changed their course, given up the institution of the pope, and are keeping God's Sabbath, would have to go down into the water, and be baptized in the faith of the sanctuary, and keeping the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus.

I saw those who have been baptized as a door into the churches,

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