Ellen G. White Writings

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Special Testimonies to Ministers and Workers—No. 3, Page 28

he has left us a perfect model for faith and practice.

If ever a people needed to walk in humility before God, it is his church, his chosen ones in this generation. We all need to bewail the dullness of our intellectual faculties, the lack of appreciation of our privileges and opportunities. We have nothing whereof to boast. We grieve the Lord Jesus Christ by our harshness, by our unchristlike thrusts. We need to become complete in him. It is true that we are commanded to “cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and show my people their transgressions, and the house of Jacob their sins.” This message must be given, but while it must be given, we should be careful not to thrust and crowd and condemn those who have not the light that we have. We should not go out of our way to make hard thrusts at the Catholics. Among the Catholics there are many who are most conscientious Christians, and who walk in all the light that shines upon them, and God will work in their behalf.

Those who have had great privileges and opportunities, and who have failed to improve their physical, mental, and moral powers, but who have lived to please themselves, and have refused to bear their responsibilities, are in great danger, and in greater condemnation before God than those who are in error upon doctrinal points, yet who seek to live to do good to others, corresponding to the light which they have. Do not censure others, do not condemn them. As free moral agents under the government of God, our responsibility and obligation are not limited by the knowledge we actually possess, but the knowledge we might and ought to have had if we had advanced in faith, and obtained the rich Christian experience that would have corresponded with our advantages. We should improve our faculties, and we shall be held accountable for their improvement. They are a

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