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A Message to Our Physicians, Page 1

A Message to Our Physicians

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June 2, 1905

I have a message to our physicians. Some of you have lost your bearings under the influence of the false impressions made upon your minds. You flatter yourselves that you are moving under the inspiration of divine advancement, but some are following the false inspiration that deceived the angels in the heavenly courts. Men who have been plainly warned are drinking in delusive sentiments, supposing that they are under the inspiration of truth and righteousness. They are greatly deceived in regard to the ground on which they are standing, and the self-confidence that they are imbibing. These men have been warned, but they do not believe the warning. The word has been sent them, “Be not deceived; God is not mocked,” but they are drinking in the sophistry of satanic devising.

Should God deal with men as some who have had great light are dealing with their brethren, they would long since have been in that place where hope is unknown.

Ponder well this statement. The hatred of some of the ministers of the gospel is very manifest. They have been caricatured and

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