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A Message to Our Physicians, Page 11

under the seducing influences that will tend to spoil their faith and lead them to become infidels. I warn those who have acted and are acting a part in this seductive work, to break the spell that is upon them. SpTA12 10.4

Warnings have been sent to many. Let our church-members beware how they allow the influence of those who have turned away from these warnings, to extend from church to church, and to other States. SpTA12 11.1

Ellen G. White SpTA12 11

The Warning Repeated

St. Helena, Cal., SpTA12 11

July 15, 1905. SpTA12 11

I have a warning for our people in all our churches. For years messages have been coming to the leader of our medical missionary work, telling him that he was not carrying that work forward in straight lines. He mingles with it his own spirit, and brings in ingenious inventions to do a work that God has forbidden his denominated people to do. There is a work being carried on through lawyers that is not after the divine similitude. This is manifest in efforts to get possession of property that he does not and should not control. SpTA12 11.2

For years Testimonies of warning and correction that God has sent have been neglected. Because of the wrong representations given of matters, the people are in danger of being deceived. For years the Lord has looked with displeasure upon this course of action. SpTA12 11.3

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