Ellen G. White Writings

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A Message to Our Physicians, Page 12

I have done all that I could to encourage the leader in this work to turn to the Lord with full purpose of heart, but he has gone on in his own way, regardless of the light given him. I wish all to understand in regard to this, and to know that brethren of experience should deal faithfully and truly with him, whatever course he may pursue in return. They are not to appear to sustain him. And they should know that through the science that he has been studying for years, Satan has worked as a wise and intelligent scientist to draw him away from God.

Notwithstanding all the warnings that have been given, he has not changed in principle. His heart is deceptive, and he deceives others. Had he stood by the principles given by the Holy Spirit, he would have been preserved from all this deception and trouble. He has had to suffer the consequences of his own doings.

Ellen G. White

Why Students Should Not Go to Battle Creek

I am continually receiving letters from our people, asking in regard to their children going to Battle Creek to work in the Sanitarium. For years God has been calling out people out of Battle Creek, and the instruction given me is that he will never counsel them to make Battle Creek an educational center. This is contrary to his plan. The whole field

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