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A Message to Our Physicians, Page 7

of a name, the enemy will step in, and will lead him to swell to such proportions that he is useless in the service of God. He may be an excellent evangelist, a gifted teacher, an attractive writer, a man of eloquent prayer, but the enemy takes advantage of his desire for self-exaltation, and leads him to make shipwreck of faith.

An entire transformation is needed in the lives of those who have been in sympathy with the ones who have been and are still striving for a name, and to do those things that God has never appointed them as ministers of the gospel or medical missionary workers to do.

A man standing in the high position of a leader, and yet setting an example of wrong-doing, advancing principles that God repudiates, will be taken in the snare of Satan. He may say wonderful things. He may visit the sick, help the poor, and go through the entire list of activities, and yet never bring honor to God.

When the ambitious leader empties himself of self-glory, when he repents and confesses his sins, when he brings himself into subordination, then there will be hope of him. Until he gains this experience, the Lord has no use for him. Self must die. The character that he has been forming for years must be changed; for his own purpose has been to gain his own way and carry out his own purposes.

It is a miserable delusion to have a name, and yet be without a connection with God, without spiritual life, without Christ, without a sense of God's presence in the soul. “Thou hast a name that thou livest, and art dead.”

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