Ellen G. White Writings

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Letters to Physicians and Ministers, Page 17

For your present and future good, remember that you are responsible for the use you make of your Lord's gifts. God has given you genius and capabilities. Ever realize that you must make the best use of your talents, because they are not your own. They are entrusted to you by God, not to be used in pleasing and gratifying impulse, but for Him and Him alone, because they are His.

The Lord has given you your work. He expects you each week to interview yourself, to find out how you are trading on your Lord's goods. Are you putting to the tax your physical, mental, and spiritual powers in an effort to please the Lord, who desires you to accumulate talents by right use of those He has given you?

Your being a physician, in no wise releases you from the necessity of practising economy. There are new fields to be entered, and to enter these fields requires the closest economy. Will you be content to let others lift the cross and practise self-denial, while you indulge your fancies, spending money freely to make a show? God requires you to accomplish good with every jot of your influence and with every dollar of your money. Then will be seen the most blessed results.

You need to learn the art of using your talents for the glory of Him who has lent them to you. This requires study, and prayer, and consecration. You should learn the science of handling money aright. Then you will not allow it to pass through your hands without producing anything for God.

Not Our Own

My brother, we are not our own. We have been bought with a price. If we co-operate with God, we

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