Ellen G. White Writings

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Testimonies for the Church Containing Letters to Physicians and Ministers Instruction to Seventh-Day Adventists, Page 19

striving with united effort to advance God's cause, thousands upon thousands would have been converted, and the message of warning would have been proclaimed to the world. Our adversaries would have been put to shame; for it would have been seen what the grace of God can accomplish.

All missionary successes have been gained by consecrated effort. By God's ordained means we can work successfully, meeting and surmounting obstacles, standing steadfastly under Christ's banner, refusing to fail or become discouraged. But often the Lord's workers relax their devoted, persevering efforts, and prosperity declines. Often the door is opened to Satan's temptations, and God's Spirit is sorely grieved. Pride of heart is cherished, and self-exaltation makes the church weak and strengthless.

Unreserved consecration is needed now. Every worker is to make the great Medical Missionary his example. Then there will be seen in his work a purity, a righteousness, that will bring success. Unless self-renunciation and entire consecration are brought into the medical missionary work, human ideas will be followed, and evil influences will come in to sway things in accordance with the purposes of the enemy. Divine enlightenment is greatly needed at this time; for the perils of the situation are very great.

There are some who in the past have had a correct experience, but who have changed leaders. Not all, but many have been beguiled. There are leaders who, before God can own and accept them, must first be converted, and led back to God. The beauty of His holiness is eclipsed by their unsanctified words and acts. They are strangers to God. They have no union with Him.

Those leaders and teachers who refuse to follow Christ place themselves under the guidance of the evil angels. Some have already done this, and some,

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