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Letters to Sanitarium Workers in Southern California, Page 22

given them. He should be constantly watching for souls as one who must give an account.

Each of these workers has an important place to fill. Each has a special line of work. They must harmonize and counsel together, seeking wisdom from Him who never makes a mistake. They are to help one another as each takes up his important line of work.

How Shall the Work Be Advanced?

One night we seemed to be in a council-meeting, and the question was being considered, How can the sanitarium work in Southern California be best advanced? One present proposed one thing, and still another proposed something entirely different.

One of dignity and authority arose and said: “I have words of counsel for you. Never, never repeat the mistakes of the past. Men have placed too much confidence in themselves, and have allowed cultivated and hereditary tendencies to wrong, which ought to have been overcome, to bear away the victory. Various lines of work are to be earnestly carried forward for the enlightenment of those who are in spiritual darkness. Evangelical work must receive first attention, and it is to be intelligently carried forward in connection with all lines of medical missionary work.

“You have,” said our Instructor, “come to an important place in the history of your work. Who shall be chosen to carry responsibilities in the sanitarium at the beginning of its work? No mistake must be made in this matter. Men are not to be placed in positions of trust who have not been tested and tried. Men and women who understand the will of the Lord are to be chosen,—workers who can discern that which needs to be done, and prayerfully do it, that the mistakes and errors of the past may not be repeated.”

“The one who is placed in the position of business manager,” He said, “must daily be managed by the Lord. He occupies a very important place, and he must possess the necessary qualifications for the work. He should have dignity

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